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On the night

When walking into A-Bar you will be welcomed to a banquet.  All senses will be evoked, provoked and engaged.


Your host for the evening will welcome you whilst informing you on the evening’s menu.  You will be presented with your chosen dishes that you picked whilst booking your seat.  Sides will be put in the middle of the table for all to share.


We aim to find produce that is seasonal and local to create a menu that will enhance the evening but not distract from it, whilst also taking inspiration from the projects.


Throughout the night there will be performances and a constant reel of information that will be accessible for all to see, this information will display all the incomings and outgoings of the bar in real time, completely transparent. 

Random performances and demonstrations from the waiters, host and other audience members will keep the night on schedule.


Each month there will be three projects that you can choose from to support.  All projects will be explained and whom it aims to help.  Setting the stage for a new alternative funding platform.  A live Kickstarter in essence. 


Your vote will be cast at the end of the evening.  Once all votes are in at the end of the month the money will be divided out proportionally, which you can track on our website.


Your journey doesn't stop once you have left A-Bar.  The evening was just the beginning.

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