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Concept & Ethos

We have a philosophy here at A-Bar that by giving the consumer back their autonomy and power we can create a new way to view profit.  The business model grounds itself in capitalist theory and a free market  - creating profit being at the core, along with complete transparency and investment in the community.

Using the framing of a restaurant to help form our reasoning, the customers become investors in local projects simply by going out to dinner whilst simultaneously becoming part of an interactive installation.

​ ​

What gives us the edge over other businesses that may have tried to take this approach is that A-Bar will, first and foremost, be an interactive art installation as opposed to a business.  Why does this give us an edge?  If we viewed this as simply a business we would be unable to change the business model.  By changing the point of view and using a restaurant as a framework, we can look at creating a new way to look at business, profit, the community and art.  Whilst the familiar setting of a restaurant allows A-Bar to the freedom to explore and create.


Keep in mind A-Bar isn't simply the installation  - it's the conversations after, it’s the connections made and the changes that can be made.  Promoting wider engagement within the community, A-Bar will not only provide funding but the awareness of these projects.  Awareness provides so much more than just money - it provides knowledge and support on many different levels.



Core Objectives


  1. Creating a transparent business. 

  2. A new way of funding artist and community projects. 

  3. Explore the alternative ways in which we can create business and social enterprises.

  4. Community-driven business that creates a dialogue around art.

  5. Reducing barriers of entry for young artists to work in the creative industry

  6. Redefining the framing of a CIC and limited company.

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