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Joy Rides Edinburgh

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Joy Rides is a brand new Edinburgh based business, using a trishaw – a customised electric bike – that carries one or two passengers, with the “driver” (myself) cycling from behind. Joy Rides can be provided to care homes, sheltered housing associations, and to members of the public.


Benefits of Joy Ride .

Joy Rides enables people, including those who may no longer be able to cycle independently, to feel the wind in their hair and the exhilaration of travelling on a bike through a beautiful area, in a safe, supported environment. Joy Rides will help passengers combat feelings of isolation and loneliness, improve their health and well being and make them visible in their own community. I am looking forward to putting people at their ease, and engaging warmly with passengers while also ensuring their safety. 


My Vision 

My vision is to spread joy! The trishaw makes everyone smile and encourages people to communicate. It spreads joy from the passengers to onlookers, and places people who may be regularly indoors in beautiful and stimulating environments, where members of the public will see and engage with them. 



Why we need you

I'm hoping to excite members of my local and wider community, and to tap into networks who will spread the word about my new business. What I am offering is the opportunity to purchase a Joy Ride and experience it directly, and everyone who supports me will also be invited to join me to celebrate the launch of my new business. I hope that supporters will see for themselves the joy that a ride on a trishaw can bring. The money raised will help me cover some of my costs in purchasing the trishaw, which has been a big investment.

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